RACS TR 069 ACS is based on CPE Wan Management Protocol(CWMP) TR 069, that offers SPs simple and streamlined control of the NW and CPEs for basic and enhanced configuration of services. RACS enables provisioning, configuration, monitoring and firmware upgrades of distributed devices connected over LAN / WAN. In addition to RACS, Ronanki also offers TR 069 client to OEMs for integration into their CPEs.

Ronanki envisages that its solution can be deployed in a wider market than what is currently covered by thelegacy and conventional SW solutions available in the market With its team of industry experts, Ronanki will work with its customers to ensure a solution that is effective and tailored to suit specific needs. Ronanki’s OSS solutions are built with the concepts which enhances Total customer experience.


  • Helps Service provider to Deploy and provision automatically
  • Can remotely view and change:
    Device configuration
    Firmware and Parameters
  • Enhance operators’ ability to:
    Identify Device issues proactively by monitoring health, performance and Signal strength
    Resolve issues with ease
    Activate new services
  • Helps to Manage the device by customizable
    Grouping and Profiling: By Location, Customer, Type of Device, service or any Custom type or Combination
    Firmware and related configuration
  • Customer complaints resolution made simpler


  • Protocols : Broadband Forum TR 069, SNMP & Telnet
  • OS : Windows, Linux and Unix
  • DB : MySql, Oracle and other
  • Adaptability :
    Automatically Identifies any Vendor Device
    Automatically Stores Vendor specific HW information
    HW information of Legacy systems can be easily updated
    Ease of management by Command utilities
    Ease of working with Framework for Scripts automa