Electronic governance or e-governance is the application of information and communication technology (ICT) for delivering government services, exchange of information communication transactions, integration of various stand-alone systems and services between government-to-customer (G2C), government-to-business (G2B), government-to-government (G2G) as well as back office processes and interactions within the entire government framework. Through e-governance, government services will be made available to citizens in a convenient, efficient and transparent manner. The three main target groups that can be distinguished in governance concepts are government, citizens and businesses/interest groups. In e-governance there are no distinct boundaries.

The goal of government-to-customer (G2C) e-governance is to offer a variety of ICT services to citizens in an efficient and economical manner, and to strengthen the relationship between government and citizens using technology.

RonankiIntekk works with it's partners, and offer services in e-governance using its own infrastructure products and solutions. It has executed multiple projects in  India for several e-governance applications. It's expertise is in integration of 'state of art' off the shelf COTS products to facilitate various services to citizens.

Ronanki Intekk has maintained customer focused values, innovative and quality services in spite of complex changing technologies. Our consulting services are built on simple approach of integrated process, people and technology. This approach ensures that every organizational aspect is taken into consideration and is fully aligned to the business strategy. We offer our clients complete services and solutions ranging from supporting long term strategy development through enterprise solutions, project management and technology decisions.

We understand business process and how they map back to the underlying and complex changing technologies. Our various consulting practices enable you to achieve execution excellence to help drive your business momentum despite challenges arising from globalisation and the dynamics of customer loyalty. Optimising IT resources through our services, we build a strong base to empower your technology operations.

Every successful project execution highlights the experience of our consultants. We drive home your business advantage by providing our services delivered through a strong focus on core business issues, strong process orientation and industry domain knowledge. From the beginning to completion, we are there with you at every step of the project to resolve any issues. Our partnership with each client is built on trust and excellence in performance leading to successful results.

Ronanki Intekk offers a full range of Consulting services to help analyze your business requirements for effective implementation of software solutions.


  • Strategy planning
  • Assessment
  • Procurement
  • Re-Engineering solutions


Ronanki Intekk has the experience to face the challenge and impact of technical staff movement in any organization. We also understand highly skilled people are backbone and engine of any technology company. We believe in nurturing and retaining most valued asset of highly skilled employee for any service company to succeed in today’s highly complex IT environment.

Organizations today are confronted with difficulties in seizing adequate human resources to meet the dynamics of the Industry. It becomes imperative to any organization to utilize the most cost-effective ways of acquiring talent for immediate and log-term skill requirements.

Ronanki affords companies the ability to quickly respond to technology initiatives by strategically acquiring skills and cost-effectively managing available resources. Our placement process is fair, unbiased and focused on our customer's needs.

How We Differ


Our Talent Acquisition teams have extensive knowledge and in-depth understanding of the unique skills and requirements of various industry domains, which helps in acquiring the best talent in that domain.


Our Process includes stringent search and screening of the candidates, followed by multiple rounds of technical interviews and discussions. This ensures the candidates are qualified with the right skills to match your requirement.


Our recruitment process is just not limited to Job Portal search. In addition, we have a constantly updated database which provides our clients with the best talent in a very short span of time.


Permanent, Direct Hire and Contract Placements

Although Outsourcing has been around as long as work specialization has existed, in recent history, companies began employing the outsourcing model to focus on their core areas. Those processes could be done more efficiently and therefore more cost-effectively, by us with specialized tools and facilities and specially trained personnel.

With our expertise in this field, we clearly understand the client’s requirements across various domains and here are some of the advantages and value addition we have continuously delivered:

Cost Savings & Restructuring

Improve Quality Focus on Core Business

Wider Experience & Knowledge

Risk Management Operational Expertise

Enhance capacity for innovation

Scalability Access to a vast talent pool & skill sets

IT Outsourcing:

Information Technology Outsourcing services at Ronanki are aimed at providing cost effective solutions by highly qualified professionals.

We develop competent solutions in the fields of Web Application Development, Offshore Website Development, Customized Application Development, Software Programming and Application Integration spanning a range of industries including Telecom, Financial Services, Ecommerce and Government Organisations. We provide high quality work that complies with international standards.


With design and development expertise in diverse platforms, combined with the best practices, Ronanki Infotech offers scalable application development and management solutions from requirement analysis to deployment and rollout.


Providing end-to-end development from requirement analysis to deployment and rollout.


Changing or enhancing software to meet changing or increasing business demands in the post-rollout phase of an application.


Providing 24x7 on-call support, On Line Help and Live Chat Services.


Replacing, migrating and integrating legacy systems with COTS products.


Ronanki Infotech takes complete responsibility of the outsourced suite of applications as per the agreed scope and manages the support. This typically involves transition management, project management, proactive risk and scope change management, quality management, SLA management etc.


Ronanki Infotech sets up, manages and supports your entire IT infrastructure covering your hardware, telecom, database management and system support operations. We have the skills and experience to work on best and current technologies ensuring that your IT resources are always available and running. We manage your infrastructure on an SLA basis and we have the ready resources to plan and implement the entire IT setup for your organisation or a part of it. We also can deliver remote services including remote monitoring and management of entire networks, systems and desktops.


  • Infrastructure setup and provisioning
  • Infrastructure optimisation
  • Infrastructure management


For any production environment deployment, ideal expectation is that there is conformity to the original requirements be it technical or functional. Another dimension is the ability to deploy changes, new functions and features or applications into live production environment in an agile fashion, to reduce the software development and deployment cycle times. Stability of the deployed technical or functional content is also very important to enable a reliable and dependable production environment.


  • Life cycle testing
  • Test automation
  • Network integration
  • Non-functional testing


Ronanki Intekk is a global Knowledge Process Outsourcing services firm that provides high value-added research services to leading edge clients worldwide.

We are focused on serving from small to large business entities, who are looking for quality management, knowledgeable developers, low cost services and time bound deliveries.

In the present business scenario, Knowledge Process Outsourcing is one of the best ways for Strategic cost reduction, maintaining the maximum quality output thereby leading to a successful Business transformation.